Man-Eating Shark On Wheels!

Finding this was unexpected to say the least, tucked in the parking lot of some manufacturing business beside & behind other contraptions is this approximately 10′ x 10′ fiberglass display of a man-eating shark. As you can see by the photo that this Jaws is currently enjoying his latest meal, a fake straw-filled body with its pair of pants and one sneaker hanging out of his mouth… yummy! This is definitely a photo-op, although more for the kids than adults… OK, I admit that I too would like to stick my head through the back of it as if eaten by the JAWS-like replica for my souvenir photo! Just think, you too can have this portable man-eating shark that sits upon a trailer at your next event for kicks and giggles… ok, maybe not.

You can find this Jaws head shot through an open wave at Mile Marker 9.9 on the right hand side of US-1 South heading down to sunny shark-free Key West.

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