Little Palm Island Ferry

When I first saw this sign to the Little Palm Island Ferry Service I was so excited! It was so much fun having been on a car ferry before over in the Netherlands (also called Holland) that I was really anxious about sharing the experience with my beautiful better half. In doing some research, I was still uncertain on how it operated and at what cost. So on the next trip down to Key West I stopped on by and questioned the concierge at the welcome center. She filled me in on all the particulars dashing my hopes of taking a ferry to an island so that we could go sightseeing.

Here’s how it works, Little Palm Island is a privately owned island catering to the UPPER MIDDLE CLASS of Americans specializing in one night dinner reservations that include a shuttle boat to and from the welcome center. I browsed over the menu as my eyes bugged out upon reaching the $18 hotdog continuing downward as each entrée got more out of reach. They request that you book your dinner reservation at least 2 days in advance of your departure. I told her “I’d think about it!” It’s been 6 months now and I’m still thinking about how I wish it would’ve been an actual ferry service as I originally thought it was. How much fun that would’ve been.

I’ve found out a lot more about the island since then and will be reporting on it in a future blog. You can find this ferry (below right) docked to the right of the Little Palm Island Welcome Center (below left) at Mile Marker 28.3 on US-1 South towards Key West.


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