Battleship USS Maine “Remember The Maine” In Key West

The Battleship USS Maine was the pride of the US Navy in 1898 that sunk in Havana Harbor becoming the spark igniting the flame that started the Spanish-American War.

So, where can you find a historic part of the Battleship USS Maine displayed? Why here in Key West of course! Pictured is the actual Gun-Sight from the Forward 10″ Gun Turret salvaged from the USS Maine, destroyed from an explosion in Havana Harbor, Cuba on February 15th, 1898 at 9:40 P.M. prompting the battle cry “Remember The Maine” taken from a prior historical cry “Remember The Alamo”!

You might ask why here? Key West was the closest Navy base to Cuba and the easiest to transport the dead servicemen from the explosion. The sailors are buried in the Historic Key West Cemetery in a fenced section known as the USS Maine Memorial along with a bronze sailor statue that was the focus of a prior blog.

I’ve included a rare photo (seen here) of some of the perished crews baseball team with Maine on their jerseys that might have actually used the gun-sight pictured above. This is one of many photos that was previously on display at the Comfort Inn here in town.

You can find this Spanish-American War relic recovered from the ocean floor on display at Mallory Square beside the Florida Key’s Military Memorial just 3 blocks west of Duval Street here in Key West.

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