Welded ‘Wrecker’ College Mascot

Here at the Key West Community College you’ll find yet another example of the welding superiority that still exists here in Key West. Welding has always played a part in the Keys because of the ship wrecking industry called “Wreckers” (as seen in the photo to the left) and many offshoots of the onshore & offshore salvage industries for the many ships that met their demise off the shores of the Florida Keys. Many of the expert welders over time were brought in from the US Government as part of the military’s Navy & Air Force bases past and present that have stayed here in town after their enlistment has ended. Remember, when I say military I mean all the way back to the Civil War with the three forts that still survive today.

I’ve reported on other welded school mascots in the past: conch shell, shark, pirate & tiger, all of which were welded by school welding students and then donated to a thankful school as part of their welding project. This is a Key West tradition of generosity and excellent workmanship that has been passed down over the decades and shows no letting up as most schools have been the recipient of these welded mascot gifts.

You can find this welded “Wrecker” mascot at the Florida Keys Community College just outside of Key West at Mile Marker 5.0 bayside by turning onto College Road and driving down a mile or so on the right. Pull into the school parking lot and look to the far back right where you’ll see this incredibly detailed statue of Key West’s past.

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