Pigeon Key On 7-Mile Bridge

For many years I sweared up and down that I’d one day visit Pigeon Key… well, that was this day and it was SO worth it! Located 2.1 miles down the old 7-Mile Bridge, these days it’s only accessible by foot traffic, bicycles or boat. The old 7-Mile Bridge has been closed to automobiles since 1982 and recent years closed to the tourist tram after cars.

Welcome to Pigeon Key, an island of rich history and an important base camp for the building of the 7-Mile Bridge, railroad trestles, viaducts & other bridges throughout the entire Keys. My own grandfather once  worked on this island as a laborer! Coming here meant a lot more to me than 99% of the other tourists having no family ties to this tiny island. Pigeon Key was the only island stop for the old 7-Mile Bridge and was bypassed in the building of the new 7-Mile Bridge which is continuous for it’s nearly 7-mile run.

Pigeon Key these days is relegated to tourist duties. Most of its visitors arrive via tourist boats leaving from nearby Knights Key behind the Visitor Center. The remaining adventurers finally arrive by good-old foot power either hoofing it or cycling as we did. It took us a leisurely 15 mins to pedal the 2-miles at a very pleasant 8 mph! 🙂 We took many photos of its beautiful views on the way up as we used the route back to time our bike ride. Some of the most amazing views of the new 7-Mile Bridge can only be obtained from the old bridge as you approach Pigeon Key. Tours of the island & museum are available for $8.50 a person and $11 for non-Monroe County residents and all out-of-state tourists. We chose no tour and simply walked around the island after finishing our picnic as seen below. Also seen below from the island you’ll see views of the old bridge that no one else can imagine… it’s unbelievable picture postcard & wall mounted photo quality I’m talking about.

We loved our bike ride to Pigeon Key and think you will too! It’s something that 99.9% of Florida tourist never take the time to do but is well worth the time. You can find Pigeon Key by first finding the 7-Mile Bridge and pulling over in its rest area at Mile Marker 46.8, how you get to the island 2-miles away is up to you… any way you choose will produce memories lasting a lifetime!



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