Oriental Oasis In Key West? True!

Are you kidding me, an Oriental Oasis in Key West? Yes my friends, it’s 100% TRUE! And NO, it’s not some marketing ploy of a desperate Thai Restaurant trying to entice passers-by to dine within.

Welcome to ‘The Gardens Hotel’, the home of this hidden gem that most local residents don’t even know about. Why is that Mr. 365 Days? I’m glad you asked! ūüôā Here’s the low down my loyal readers. It sits behind a 5′ tall block & brick wall (seen below) that wraps completely around the entire grounds. The views within have¬†been hidden away in plain sight¬†only available to¬†those willing to step off the beaten path.

This is one of the neat rare finds I’ve come across on my own just by¬†being curious and getting off my bicycle then¬†walking behind the wall that other tourist were simply walking by. Seen above is one of the strangest sites I’ve ever seen, a 10′ tall bronze statue of a warrior atop an ostrich. I’ve done some leg work trying to find a historical reference to using ostriches in battle and have come up empty, if you can find such a reference, please let me know. Also seen in the dense lush oriental paradise you’ll find the other statues & ornate artifacts¬†seen below including an 8′ tall bird-cage, a dynamically lion-looking beast, a full-size & bust of a warrior soldier and last but not least a very strange-looking artifact similar¬†to a warped image of a cat-of-nine-tails. Take your time in walking around and of course take your camera and photograph what other tourist have NO IDEA they¬†had missed!

You can find ‘The Gardens Hotel’ at the corner of¬†Angela Street & Simonton Street¬†here in the fun-filled island get-a-way of Key West.



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