Florida Key’s Most Beautiful Conch Shell

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the most beautiful conch shell in the entire 126.7 miles of the Florida Keys! Though it’s not the biggest, that’s reserved for Key West High School’s 18′ Welded Mascot on display out in front of their parking lot.

This is by far has the most picturesque surroundings of conch shell by a lo0oooooong shot! As you can see, this is the focal point of the incredibly popular tourist attraction called “Theater Of The Sea”, a marine mammal park similar to a scaled down version of Sea World. By positioning yourself and standing at the right angle you can create and take one of your vacations most beautifully pre-planned vacations photos. I promise it will only take you 4 minutes to stop, take your photo and hop back in your car and continue your southward journey. It’s well worth your time, as you can see by the photo I’ve taken and published above of the fountain, conch shell, flags, waterfall & sign.

You can find this impossible to miss eye-catcher of a conch shell at Mile Marker 84.4 oceanside smack dab in front of the Theater Of The Sea.

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One response to “Florida Key’s Most Beautiful Conch Shell

  1. Ted

    I THINK this was originally sculpted by LOCAL (Since deceased) artist
    George Carey. I believe there are other works of art scattered through the keys, from this Wonderful artist.

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