Tennessee Williams’ Home

Thomas “Tennessee” Williams (March 26, 1911 – February 25, 1983) was an American writer who worked principally as a playwright in the American theater. He also wrote short stories, novels, poetry, essays, screenplays and a volume of memoirs. His professional career lasted from the mid 1930’s until his death in 1983, and saw the creation of many of his writings into plays that are regarded as classics of the American stage.

Williams received virtually all of the top theatrical awards for his works of drama, including a Tony Award for best play for The Rose Tattoo (1951) and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for A Streetcar Named Desire (1948) and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955). In 1980 he was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Jimmy Carter and is today acknowledged as one of the most accomplished playwrights in the history of English-speaking theater.

Just like Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams also called Key West his home. Tennessee’s home is now a popular tourist attraction for every tourist train & tram weaving its way through the back streets to point out this house. Not only is the home of Tennessee Williams an attraction, but the house to the immediate left is too being used in his Academy Award Winning film “The Rose Tattoo’.

You can find Tennessee Williams’ home to the exact right side of his movie home still boasting its heritage above the door “The Rose Tattoo” at 1421 Duncan Street here in sunny Key West.

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