Ocean View

This gives a whole new meaning to “Ocean View”! 🙂 This just goes to show that you never know what you’ll see in Key West on any given day!

I’ve got a rule when going out-of-town and that is ALWAYS taking my camera for reasons exactly like this. I laughed and laughed until we saw the police drive up, all onlookers got dead quiet as the officers walked towards the beach… wait, they turned and confronted the homeless vagrants not saying a single word to the “Buoy Buddies” perched offshore! This is yet another reason why I LOVE KEY WEST, people will do nearly anything down here… I just hope you have your camera ready when they do! 🙂

You can find this particular navigational beacon marker at the northern end of Simonton Street at the Simonton Beach here in wacky & wild Key West. Just maybe you too will find it occupied giving you a great conversation piece and photo from your trip to Paradise! Good Luck!

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