Monroe County Fire Station #13

I love finding brand new interesting things to see and do in the Florida Keys totally by accident. On my way last weekend to take photographs of the Blue Hole I saw this stop-me-in-my-tracks montage while heading back to US-1.

For too many people the number 13 is unlucky, but to these modern-day iconic heroes that number signifies the love they have for our country and being lucky enough to live in this nation we call the United State Of America. Here on Big Pine Key you’ll find the Monroe County Fire Station #13. As you can see in the photo to the left, the fire station’s outer wall is ornately designed with a beautiful richly colored paintings, mosaics & plaques. The palm tree plaque on the left is a beauty in itself, but the true American Hero proudly serving his country is the focal point for me. Don’t think for a moment that the flag is painted, no chance, those are tri-colored glass tiles in the shape of our nations flag.

This was a real find, my uncle who himself is a retired Monroe County firemen, finding this makes me respect & appreciate what he did even more in serving his city, county, state & nation! I hope that you too know a firemen either current or retired somewhere that you can share this photo with. It’s twice as stunning in person believe you me! Oh yeah, the doorway leading into the office further to the right is worth a photo for your collection too!

You can find the Fire Station-sensation worth a view at Mile Marker 30.4 on US-1 south and then turning right onto Key Deer Blvd. and going down .4 miles on the left. Enjoy and remember, these men and women risk their lives everyday to save ours no matter the circumstance!

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