The Home With Two Cocks

IMG_1645These are not your common gate top statues for sure, but remember, we’re in Key West where anything goes… and I mean ANYTHING! 🙂

If these roosters were located in a rural town or the entrance to a farm that would be one thing, but on a main street in Key West! On an island where roosters & hens run free, these fencepost adornments don’t surprise me a bit!

In honor of Key West’s rich heritage of allowing their feathered friends to roam freely around town, this gate proudly pays homage to their likeness. I can see it now giving directions: “I’m the house with two cocks!” Hmm, on second thought, does that really narrow it down in Key West? 🙂

You too can find these roster topping gate posts near the corner of Margaret Street & Eaton Street across from the Eaton Bike Shop.


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2 responses to “The Home With Two Cocks

  1. Caitlyn

    Roosters, not rosters.

    • That was a test, I was wondering if anyone would catch it! 🙂 So much for automatic spellcheckers, at least I spelled it right one out of two times! 🙂 Thanks for reading, keep up the good work! Mr. 365 Days

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