Flagler Station Railway Historeum

I’ve passed this 100’s of times over the years and have never seen it open or anyone even standing around for more than a souvenir photo. A unique site in itself, a replica reconstruction of an old-time train terminus (station) is over shadowed by its next door neighbor to the left that gets all of the attention. The actual Flagler Station Railway building receives onlookers by the hundreds as few even notice what’s lurking in its own backyard.

The Flagler Railway Historeum  as it is called, not museum, is an awesome example of what it might have been like at the turn of the century to be standing outside a real operational train station. Tacked to the front of the historeum’s building is a schedule showing the times the trains ran for arrival & departures to a numerous list of cities including New York & Havana, Cuba. Just outside the walkway is a mock horse-drawn carriage toting luggage that would have been loaded on an awaiting train bound for your vacation destination. Also available for your historic viewing is an actual section of train track and crossing signal to the left of the stairway.

You can find this seldom visited unique Key West attraction in the very popular pedestrian district of town called Harbor Walk. The building itself is a backdrop worth stopping by to take your souvenir photo as you look around this FREE exhibit of a historic railway depot.


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