Caribbean Club Beach

Want to have a beautiful place to swim & picnic while taking in some Florida sunshine with only a few other tourists anywhere around? Well, I’ve found an awesome location for you! With other amenities that come bundled together makes this place an incredible stopping point for avoiding the crowds while having one of the best views of the Gulf Of Mexico to boot!

EXTRA BONUS: Inside the club are photographs of Humphrey Bogart from the classic Hollywood Movie “Key Largo” since this was one of its filming locations! 🙂

As you can see by the photos, I haven’t lied to you at all, it’s absolutely beautiful! Oceanside picnic tables on one side with scenic cannons available for photo-ops between swims on the other. The Caribbean Club Bar & Restaurant itself is just out of the picture to the right for all of your adult beverage & seafood needs providing FREE restrooms during your time on the beach.

The Caribbean Club Beach is in Key Largo at Mile Marker 104.2 bayside. This is WELL WORTH a stop on your trip, just the scenery alone is worth it my friends!


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