Free Shark Tooth

I’ve seen this sign for years and years as I passed it in both directions never stopping in before this visit.

After browsing the shop for a few minutes we asked the clerk about the free shark tooth who presented us with a tiny box. Big enough to hold about six cigars it was filled with no less than 500 shark’s teeth measuring no bigger than 3/8 of an inch. Most in the box were more like polished stones as we finally found two resembling what we could call a shark’s tooth. Seeing our dismay, the clerk then pulled out the next bigger box containing what everyone else would recognize as a real shark’s tooth for 99 cent. Though the store did advertise truthfully, it’s the next size for $1 that you’d want to really have as a souvenir.

You can find this FREE shark tooth give-a-way at Largo Cargo gift shop at Mile Marker 103.1 oceanside on US-1. I’m sad to say that the famous boat out front painted “Conch Republic” is now gone. 😦 That boat was an icon & landmark for years and will be missed as a photographic addition to your Florida Keys trip.


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