Hidden Bocce Ball Courts

IMG_0430In taking my uncle out for his birthday dinner, I saw what appeared to me as outdoor bowling lanes from the corner of my eye. Being the inquisitive person I am, I approached a couple leisurely playing. My first question was “What the H#@% kind of game is this?” 🙂 “Bocce Ball” he said, which meant absolutely nothing to me!

Yes, there’s actually a Key West Bocce Ball League that plays some of their games here. I’ll try to explain the rules during the next Bocce Ball blog on the leagues. I convinced this guy (pictured to the left) to hold the ‘Bocce Courts CLOSED For League Play’ sign… it’s amazing what some people will do for a FREE beer! 🙂

You can find these hidden Bocce Ball courts at the Turtle Kraals Restaurant inside the area of town called Harbor Walk. It’s FREE to play even if you don’t know what you’re doing. So get off your duff and give it a try, we did and had some great laughs! Oh yeah, of course she beat me… I’m not stupid! 🙂

IMG_0429     IMG_0428     IMG_0427

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