Tourist Toxic Dump?

IMG_0973Though not officially a tourist destination, there are several oddities that may raise a curios tourists eyebrow on their trip down the Florida Keys. The most notable oddity is the AT&T tower on US-1 in Key Largo… this one here is less obvious yet intriguing.

Have you ever past a sign peeking your curiosity then turning around to see what it said. Thousands of cars a day fly by at 55 MPH never glancing in its direction. This one struck me as strange in the middle of nowhere being so well guarded that I just had to stop!

Is this the Florida Key’s Toxic Dump? It’s officially called the ‘Pollution Control Impoundment Area’… OK, whatever! The term when looked up on-line is as unclear as the site itself, some falling under the Department of Environmental Protection. A truthful sign I assure you would raise too many questions! There’s no telling exactly what’s buried out here whether it’s Uranium 235, Watergate’s lost 18-minutes of tape, Jimmy Hoffa, radioactive Plutonium, or even ‘The Meaning Of Life’… we may never know! 🙂 No matter what’s out there, it makes a great conversation piece when passing!

What is known is that “they don’t want us to know”! There’s a concentrated effort to keep us out by using concrete barricades, mound of dirt, steel posts, chain, & large size coral stones on the driving trail if you were to get by the others. One of the signs in front says “All Public Access Prohibited” per the Department of Interior.

To find the ‘Toxic Dump’ sign get on US-1 and head to Mile Marker 106.8 turning onto Card Sound Road and go north about a 4.8 miles on your left.


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