Fort Jefferson Miniature Replica

IMG_0432Key West’s newest museum houses two amazing treasures, each of which will get its own devoted time in the spotlight! Today’s blog will feature an astounding miniature replica of Fort Jefferson. The replica’s attention to detail is astounding! The spotlights above pinpoint each of the dozen or so features of the fort in rotating progression along with a pre-recorded narrative of each.

If you recall a prior blog ‘Civil War Cannons In A Wall’ that Key West even though located in the deep south was held by the Abraham Lincoln’s Northern soldiers for the entire 4-year long Civil War. Key West’s military strongholds consisted of four separate defensive forts; the larger two were Fort Zachary Taylor & Fort Jefferson along with two smaller fortifications half the size of the others named East & West Martello Towers. Fort Jefferson is the only one not on the island of Key West, it’s located about 68 miles west in the Dry Tortugas seeing only minor skirmishes during the war.

After the Civil War, Fort Jefferson served as the prison for Dr. Samuel Mudd & other convicted conspirators of the John Wilkes Booth assassination of President Abraham Lincoln on April 15th 1865 just 6 days after the END OF THE CIVIL WAR! (which is a hint on an upcoming blogs feature) 🙂

You can find this incredible Fort Jefferson miniature replica on display inside the new FREE Fort Jefferson Museum. Now to find the museum, go all the way to the end of the pier directly in front of the Turtle Kraals Restaurant in the area of town known as Harbor Walk.


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