Snorkeling The Keys

7175549388_8d8a883db9_bSnorkeling is the practice of swimming through the water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel, and usually fins. Use of this equipment (pictured below) allows the snorkeler to observe underwater attractions for extended periods of time with relatively little effort and to breathe while face-down. It’s appeal is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural setting without the complicated equipment or training and appeals to all ages.

Some evidence suggests that snorkeling may have originated in Crete some 5,000 years ago as sea sponge farmers used hollowed out reeds to submerge and retrieve natural sponge for use in trade and commerce.

You can find this particular snorkel rental center along with a dozen other day-long activities at the John Pennekamp State Park on US-1 at Mile Marker 102.3 oceanside. The park does change an entrance fee per car’s occupants… if I recall, maybe the $3 to $4 range. The park is so worth the price, you might as well bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it… there’s that much here to do!

pkg_snkl_typhoon_adu-2      Snorkeling in the Caribbean

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