ET’s Mushroom Spaceship House

IMG_0080Here’s one that stands out among your standard oceanfront homes! Reminiscent to an out-of-this-world spaceship that ET, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, or Will Smith’s Men In Black saga would have used comes this one-of-a-kind unique home.

Despite the years… ok decades of traveling the Keys it seems an endless abundance of new sites keep coming to our attention. I’ve passed this 1,000’s of times without seeing it, I had always payed attention to the only remaining drawbridge in the Florida Keys. This time however, my wife spotted it out of the corner of her eye as we noted our location to return upon our way home. Shown below is the view from the bridge with the spaceship shaped home in the upper right corner. If you’re adventuress and willing to take an extra 5-minutes, you can wind your way down the side roads to get a closer look. If ET’s home, tell him to “Phone Home!”. 🙂

There’s three other futuristic homes on your way down the Keys. Check out and add these three previous blogs to what I hope is your ever-growing list of must see items! The 5-Sided Futuristic Home, Marathon’s Space Domes, & Tent-Shaped Home.

You can find ET’s Mushroom Spaceship House by safely pulling over at Mile Marker 85.8 on US-1 and looking towards the Gulf Of Mexico… you can’t miss it!



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3 responses to “ET’s Mushroom Spaceship House

  1. Wayne

    I think my dad was involved in building this house back in the 70’s. I have some plans and brochures that resemble this house. I think he was part owner in a company that tried to sell and build them.

    • Henry

      I can’t remember who the builder who started it, I thnk his name was Bob Lord. My parents had the house built, we had recently sold it.

  2. I live right by this house and its been abandoned for at least 8 yrs. that I’ve been here. I swam ashore and walked right in and took a tour with pics. If you were the owner then you know this particular UFO house has an awesome amenity that I haven’t ever heard any of the others having. Its a shame its sitting in disrepair It truly is my favorite house ever. I’m gonna post pics of it somewhere. Maybe it will hit just the right eyes to make it incredible again.

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