Does Your Turtle Have A Parking Space?

IMG_0195“Now I’ve seen it all!” I said to myself laughing shaking my head before taking these photos. I love the Florida Keys with its unexpected oddities, over-the-top and eccentric pleasures that await unsuspecting tourists!

Parking across the street we walked upon a small opening with a hand painted sign that read: “Reserved For Turtle Of The Year Only”. Blown away as my mind raced wondering how a turtle would ever know that this was his designated resting area before reaching the water’s edge only 100′ further away! Besides, who in their right mind would vote for a ‘Turtle of the Year’ award anyways! 🙂

It took another 10 minutes or so till finding the signs true meaning. Walking around a condo, restaurant and outside bar we rounded a final corner to a second oceanfront bar. Yep, the ‘Turtle Bar’ stood in front of us as the connection now became clear, the parking space is for their patron of the year. You know what, I like my wild turtle story a whole lot better! 🙂

You can find this one-of-a-kind ‘Turtle Parking Space’ in front of a Key Largo restaurant at Mile Marker 94.8 oceanside. Turn onto Ocean View boulevard going about 1/4 mile to Seaside Avenue where you’ll see it directly in front of you. Parking is FREE and so are the laughs!


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