Driving Home? Here’s Some Memorial Day Shortcuts!

4565368969_a32c195394_bHappy Memorial Day to all!

Yes, I’m posting my blog today earlier than normal and you’re about to find out why! Memorial Day is the WORST traffic day of the year in the Florida Keys! If you’re coming back from Key West today you’re going to want to read this blog NOW!

Since everyone wants to squeeze in that last hour of fun into their 3-day weekend, most people leave Key West just past noon on Memorial Day which means traffic is going to be a nightmare! As you saw coming down the Keys (if you drove), the boat, jet ski, & motorcycle trailers number in the hundreds… not to mention the slow-moving hard to pass RV’s and campers! :-)

Most make it down the Keys at a leisurely pace in about 3-1/2 hours. Not so on your way back leaving a noon on Memorial Day so take note! Get ready for a 4 – 6 hour drive with bumper-to-bumper traffic many times at a complete stop! Here’s some shortcut mile markers that will shave a number of minutes off your already slow drive back.

Your 1st shortcut is 3.2 miles long going north on US-1 is at Mile Marker 80.4 on a side road that veers to the right going all the way to Mile Marker 83.6 ending at the Whale Harbor Marina.

A second chance to gain the pole position (for all you racing fans) :-) is at Mile Marker 84.2 at Theater Of The Sea going 1.1 miles to Mile Marker 85.3 ending up at Hog Heaven Sports Bar & Grill.

Opportunity #3 to bypass hundreds of cars in a 5-minute span is the longest measuring close to 4 miles at Mile Marker 86.8 by the Montessori School ending up at Mile Marker 90.6 near the Islamorada Welcome sign.

I hope these shortcut tips save you some time, even using them it will still try your patience on your way home! :-) PS – If you think you’re going to beat the traffic home by driving Card Sound Road you better be ready for a 40-minute wait in line as a single toll booth worker tries to handle hundreds of cars backed up over 3 miles! (Believe me, I’ve been one of them!)


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