Under The Boardwalk

IMG_0893Unlike The Drifters’ 1964 smash hit ‘Under The Boardwalk’, this blog has absolutely nothing to do with music unless you count the buzzing of mosquitos in your ears! 🙂

As advertised, there’s one portion where you can actually be under the boardwalk. There’s a boardwalk observatory platform along the path that you can walk under or climb up to see what’s now an obstructed view. I’m sure when built there was a great view of the ocean and the surrounding tidal pool… that was probably years ago before the jungle-like treetops took over. Either way, the boardwalk & observatory provides some awesome quiet time away from the crowds. The boardwalk ends with picnic areas on both sides but don’t bring your swim trunks, save them for the swimming area on the other side of the park.

You can find this relaxing boardwalk inside the Long Key State Park at Mile Marker 67.7 oceanside. There’s a fee schedule per car load to enter the park, $4.5o for one and $6 for two people.

IMG_0896 IMG_0895

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