I’ve Found The Infamous Lost Buzzard!

IMG_0966Years ago a hand painted American flag car was parked on the side of US-1 advertising a restaurant that featured a 4′ tall buzzard sitting in a nest (as seen below). Then all of a sudden it was gone!

In asking around, I found that the city of Key Largo had given the owners an ultimatum of a sign for their restaurant or the car with a buzzard on the top. The sign won out and the buzzard was banished from US-1 never to be seen on the highway again.

I FOUND IT! I’ve furnished a photo of the now defunct car, nest & buzzard as it appeared years ago along US-1. Also included are two pics of the buzzard’s new roost standing proudly near an outside bar awaiting scraps and his occasional unfinished bottle of Bud Lite! 🙂

To find the lost buzzard go to Mile Marker 106.8 near the entrance to Card Sound Road, turn on Garden Cove Drive then right on Cayman Lane. Walk behind the gate of the Buzzard’s Roost Restaurant towards the outside bar’s Tiki hut where he’ll be waiting for you.

4462157615_4e60b54c2b_b1     IMG_0967

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