A Private Residence In A Strip Mall

IMG_1685Does your local strip mall have a private home in it? I kid you not, this one does! Sometimes fact is better than fiction, I’d have a hard time making up a story like this! Key West never ceases to amaze me… and I love it! 🙂

I’d bet a Cuban Sandwich & curly fries that many Key West locals have NEVER noticed there’s a private residence wedged between the coffee shop and Five Guys Hamburger restaurant in this strip mall. Look close at the photo below, upon the glass door it reads: ‘Private Residence’.

How convenient is this, you can take your date out to dinner at Five Guys, an after-dinner cup of Cuban coffee at the coffee shop, and then up to your room for a nightcap all within 10 feet of your front door. WOW, what a great idea, this guy’s a dating genius! 🙂

You can find this ‘Private Residence’ in a strip mall at the corner of Truman Avenue & Duval Street exactly beside the Five Guys burger joint.


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