We Biked 10.7 Miles Circumference Around Key West

IMG_0395Have you ever wondered how many miles it is around the entire island of Key West? OK I know, why would any normal person even care… but I wanted to know! I’ve been called many things in my life but normal has never been one of them! 🙂

I’ve always been told Key West measured 3 miles wide x 5 miles long at its widest points making a maximum trip of 16 miles around. We readied our coolers and snacks for what we guessed would be up to a 3-hour bike ride. Our plan was to take the outermost oceanfront seawall route unless otherwise obstructed choosing then the closest roads to the ocean.

Amazingly it took only 1 hour 22 minutes to complete our journey pulling over at the finish line for an oceanfront celebratory festivity that included ham & cheese sandwiches, pork rinds and of course two ICE COLD Bud Lights chilled to a body soothing perfection! 🙂

Since not having an odometer for our bikes, the question of how far we rode was still unanswered. We simply loaded up our bikes, set our car’s trip odometer to zero and followed the same path we’d peddled ending at exactly 10.7 miles circumference around the entire island!

There’s no comparison, biking around Key West is 10 times more enjoyable for sightseeing than being in a car! Tweet That 🙂  

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