World Famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar

4489012777_cf1c746e36_bHere’s a blast from the past blog written years ago… ENJOY!

Welcome to the World Famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar here on Duval Street in Key West. It’s here that famed writer Ernest Hemingway came to hangout with the locals after a bout of writers block or day out on the water with his friend and fishing buddy Sloppy Joe’s owner and name sake founder Joe Russell. It’s here once a year that the Ernest Hemingway look-alike contest is also held every July.

Admission is FREE 99% of the year to walk in and peruse taking photos except New Years and other high traffic events and holidays. This is Key West’s #1 hangout and is ALWAYS crowded so come early if you want to listen to a free band or eat at one of its tables or bar. The walls are covered with memorabilia of Hemingway’s days as a patron among other pure Key West decorations. A souvenir shop is also available to purchase a friends trinket in order to rub in the fact of being in Key West Paradise when they were stuck behind an office cubicle working! 🙂

The Ernest Hemmingway Wall


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2 responses to “World Famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar

  1. Caitlyn

    Only one “m” in Hemingway, silly. 🙂

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