Burnt Down Twice, Harbor House Still Stands Tall

IMG_0402One of Key West’s FIRST brick buildings is the historic Harbor House built in 1885 from bricks brought in from sailing ships. It first burnt down in 1886 housing the Bank Of Key West till it folded in 1891. A second bank tried its hand in the rebuilt building and it too failed only a few years later in 1898.

Oh sorry, the blogs title says burnt down twice… after the first fire gutted the building leaving only the two foot thick walls, some 98 years past till another fire in 1984 devastated its occupants again leaving ONLY the two foot thick walls! Today it’s home to souvenir shops that promote EVERYTHING IN THE STORE FOR $5.00 says the Barker standing in front holding a cardboard sign.

The Harbor House has endured “Hell’s Fires” twice over the course of its existence and though its two foot thick walls may not stand forever, its spirit and prestige will exist eternally. There’s a large bronze plaque on the outer wall (pictured below) commemorating its long surviving history for all to read.

You can find this historic Harbor House brick building at the corner of Wolfson Street & Front Street in the area of town known as Mallory Square.


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