Saving Bambi!

Welcome to Big Pine Key! This is home to Bambi, Bambi’s mom, dad, sister, brother and thousands of Bambi look-a-likes aptly named Key Deer!

Before you see the first deer you’ll notice the many signs around town set out to protect them. This is nature’s playground gone wild for its four-legged furry friends. This town is SERIOUS about protecting their livelihood revenue generating silent spokespersons. The city has erected tall chain link fences lining BOTH sides of the road as their first line of defense in protecting the endangered Key Deer.

Take note that the speed limits are lower here than normal producing much of the islands additional revenue in speeding tickets! No matter how much prevention is enforced there’s always unfortunate instances resulting in Key Deer fatalities. One of the photos below depicts 108 killed last year with 35 already meeting their demise so far this year.

You can find this Key Deer friendly refuge on Big Pine Key from Mile Marker 33.0 thru 28.8 on US-1 in the beautiful Florida Keys.




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2 responses to “Saving Bambi!

  1. Clark E. Adams

    How do I contact the individual who took the picture of Key deer road kills? I would like to use it in a book I am writing on urban deer.

    • Hello Clark, I’m the photographer of all of those pictures in the article entitled ‘Saving Bambi!’ I give you permission to use any or all of them. Let me know when and if it’s published and where. Thanks for reading my website. Mr. 365 Days

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