Key West Police Caught Red Handed Horsing Around! :-)

pride07_500Yes, Key West has 6′ tall four-legged crime fighters on the payroll. At the time of this photo ALL of the horses were quarter horse geldings named Texas Tea, Leo, Frechkles, & Mr. Peppy Rio! I like the name ‘Mr. Peppy Rio’ the best, he gets respect with ‘Mr.’ and a ‘Peppy’ in his steppy to boot!

Commonly known as Mounted Police, the official name is Mounted Patrol as seen written on the pickup truck & horse trailer below. A warm and friendly site, the Mounted Patrol is the ultimate in Community Policing. While patrolling on horse, they don’t have to approach the citizens, they come to them. Ideal for patrolling parks, beaches, shopping center parking lots and neighborhoods. Patrolling the small lanes and other areas less accessible by conventional vehicle patrols is also a plus. From their height, Mounted Officers can more easily detect crime that may not be seen by ground Officers.

For those of you that don’t know, a quarter horse gets its name since its sprinting ability peaks at 1/4 mile at speeds up to 55 mph!. A gelding on the other hand is no fun becoming, it’s a castrated horse resulting in a calmer better-behavior.

You can find these four-legged crime fighters when not in action beside Key West’s boxing complex located at DeKalb Avenue. The building is sandwiched between the main entrance to Fort Zachary Taylor and the rear entrance to the Naval Air Station Truman Annex.



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