On The Road To Nowhere!

Ok, it’s actually ‘On The Road To No Name’ but it just didn’t sound as good! It’s a proven fact that you read more of a blog if the title sounds intriguing. 🙂

Now that you’re an informed reader about the “No Name Pub” from a previous blog, here’s what you can expect to see on your 3-mile journey off the beaten path of US-1 bayside. A sign as u turn off of US-1 says “Drive safely, watch out for Key Deer: 4 killed so far this year”. Besides deer, here’s several street signs that caught my eye: Coconut Hwy, Date Row, Doctors Arm & Killdeer Lane being the most intriguing of all. I found the name Killdeer to be disturbing to say the least and showed this photograph to my aunt & uncle who had never seen it before and couldn’t believe such a sign was allowed in a Key Deer protected habitat atmosphere as here on Big Pine Key.

Key Deer roam freely by the 1,000’s here along every street and byway as you can see by the photos I’ve taken and provided for you. This residential area on your 3-mile trek is loaded with deer in people’s front yards and lawns during feeding times. Please be careful and don’t be the one responsible for changing the sign to 5 deer killed so far this year!



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