Mrs. Mac’s Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

IMG_0215Even though they look painted on, the colors on the trunk are entirely natural. The Rainbow Eucalyptus doesn’t have a thick wooden cork-like bark as an Oak or Pine tree. Instead, its bark is smooth and vibrantly alive as it grows until shedding its outer layers. The shedding process (officially called exfoliation) occurs differently throughout the tree’s trunk revealing a fresh new bright green bark.

As the tree slowly ages, it changes from bright green to a darker green, then bluish to purplish and to pink-orange, finally the color is a brownish maroon right before shedding. Since the shedding occurs on different parts of the trunk at any one time, the colors are varied and constantly changing. The tree will never have the same pattern twice making it a work of living art. There’s a great color chart at the base of the tree showing all of its beautiful colors at their best.

You can find this amazingly beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus tree for FREE at Mile Marker 99.5 bayside beside of the original Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen sign. While here, look to your right behind Mrs. Mac’s and check out the incredible 3D Shark Mural blogged on earlier.

IMG_0092     IMG_0213

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