Oceanside Fire Pits

IMG_0150Imagine how nice it would be sitting around a crackling fire with a beer in one hand and your honey in the other!

After a day in the searing Florida heat you can relax taking the chill out of the night air… oh so sorry, this is the Florida Keys and even during the winter there’s no such thing as a chill in the air! 🙂 No matter fire or not, cold or hot… it’s and outstanding view worth checking out for the fantastic price of FREE.

If you’re lucky and arrive early enough you and your entourage can secure one of two fire pits covered by an overhead trellis-type shelter. As you can see from the photo and the trellis shadows that we were there around 1pm during the HOTTEST part of the day sweating through our shirts. We on this day had absolutely NO NEED what so ever for a fire!

You can find these two waterfront fire pits across from the World-Famous Tiki Bar at Mile Marker 84.1 oceanside in Holiday Isle.

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