Key West’s Million Dollar Bar

IMG_1493Welcome to Key West’s famed $1,000,000 Bar!

Mythbusters come on down! One of these four legendary tall tale stories is reportedly to be true… but which one?

1) The most obvious and boring story is that the owner paid $1,000,000 for the property & bar.

2) It sits at the corner of 1,000 Grinnell Street & 1,000 Truman Avenue. Both beginning with the number 1 and having a total of 6 zeros ending up with 1,000,000.

3) It’s a known fact that former mobster king-pin Jimmy Hoffa (pictured below) loved Key West and frequented its many local bars and restaurants. The rumor is that J-Hoff (as I’ll call him) 🙂 reportedly hid $1,000,000 of his mafia money here in his beloved Che-Che’s (former name) and was eventually found keeping it hush-hush for obvious reasons.

4) This one I love! The nude sculpture hanging on the wall (pictured below) was the figurehead from legendary pirate Blackbeard’s flagship ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’ worth $1,000,000 only to be found out to be a fake and then sold to the bar for a mere $100 and a FREE beer! 🙂 I kid you not!

In speaking to the bartender and patrons, they absolutely love hearing about the dozens of theories of how the bars name came about! In fact, and I quote a male patron: “If you don’t like one of those stories then just make up one of your own… Hell, we’d love to hear it!”. 🙂 The world may never know!

You can find Key West’s legendary Million Dollar Bar at the corner of Grinnell Street & Truman Ave.

IMG_9540     IMG_9539     Jimmy_riddle_hoffa

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