The Harry S.Truman Presidential Bridge

IMG_0068In honor of the 33rd President of the United States Harry S. Truman, Key West has named his home-away-from-home Truman’s Little Whitehouse, a main street to Truman Avenue, the Truman School and yes believe it or not Truman Dry Cleaners! (100% true) 🙂 So if not in Key West, then where’s the Truman Presidential Bridge?

In March of 1964, President Harry S. Truman himself set foot on this very same bridge. This uniquely beautiful bridge is a multi-pleasurable sight to behold. Your eyes are first drawn to the raised divider between the already two narrow lanes. You couldn’t pass on this bridge if you wanted to which leads to the sign on the bridge stating “No fishing from bridge”… or you’ll get run over! 🙂 I personally like the sign that reads “Golf Carts 10 MPH”… that’s to prevent going airborne I presume! And to finish off some oddity, the former Duck Key Bridge isn’t even in Duck Key… that starts on the other side of the bridge as seen from the photo below. That leaves me with only one pressing question… “What’s up with the bridge’s 8 pineapples?” 🙂

You can find the Harry S. Truman Presidential Bridge at Mile Marker 61.0 leading to the Islands Of Duck Key. Turn onto Duke Key Drive and just keep going straight over a mile or so till you reach the bridge on that same road.

IMG_0071     IMG_0067     IMG_0069

IMG_0070     IMG_0066


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2 responses to “The Harry S.Truman Presidential Bridge

  1. Stan Tsigounis, Jr

    I had just turned 14 years old and my family was on spring break at the Indies House on Duck Key the same time President Truman was there in March of 1964. My family and I were present at the dedication of the Truman bridge and it was the first time I had been in the presence of a President of the United States. I remember him being warm and funny in his remarks with a large smile on his face. He was very accessible and spoke with people in the crowd before and after the ceremony. It was an amazing experience.

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