Higgs Beach Pier

Higgs Beach Pier isn’t the longest pier in Key West any more… but it was! The Atlantic Ocean was once accessible by this longest pier in Key West before being blown away in one of its many past hurricanes.

The view is spectacular seeing the remaining pier post protruding upward out of the water along the path once used by board-after-board as it walked its way further into the oceans depths. The former pier posts make for a great photo when pelicans and other seafaring birds perch upon them as waves crash against the wooden supports. As the photo shows below, it too is the subject of picture perfect art work for those artistically inclined… or those who just want to duplicate an AWESOME portrait. 🙂

I’ve seen and shown you numerous  photos that were neither centered nor frontal poses proving to be some of the best photos ever taken. (ie… Babe Ruth’s farewell speech taken from behind showing his #3 upon Yankee pinstripes) Don’t fall into that trap of always centering a photo or someones face in it!

Enjoy the incredible view along with a photo to remember your trip by, I assure you that both are worth the FREE venture to the south of paradise.

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