Full Speed Ahead!

I ask you, where in the world can you find an authentic “Engine Order Telegraph” (E.O.T) also known as a “Bridge Telegraph” just sitting on a front porch for all to see and touch this antique? In Key West of course!

Everyone has seen them in hundreds of old war movies shown on TV and even in the more recent movie flop of “Speed 2” without Keanu Reeves. A system of bells & ringers chime out as the handle of the E.O.T. goes from one to the other positions on the dial signaling that the ships speed has been changed. In short, the Engine Order Telegraph sends commands to the engine telling it what to do… you know, kind of like modern-day spouses! 🙂 hehe, not mine of course… I’ll shut up before I get into more trouble!

Even though we’ve ALL seen them in movies, I’d wager to say that less than 2% of us have ever seen a real one! Well here’s your chance my friend, I found this yesterday while tracking down a statue of a pirate that I’ll use in a futur blog. The telegraph setting on this one from Liverpool/London England are as follows: Full Ahead, Half Ahead, Slow Ahead, Dead Slow Ahead, Stand By, Stop, Finished With Engines, Dead Slow Astern, Slow Astern, Half Astern, Full Astern.

You can find this maritime artifact for all to see at the corner of Thomas Street & Petronia Street across from the Blue Heaven Restaurant in sunny Key West.

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