Duval Village Alleyway

Duval Street is by far Key West’s most sought after address, dominating tourists destination agenda with a laundry list of things to do all on one main road. This pedestrian saturated street shares its narrow roads with vehicles, (which may soon change) for years they’ve considered making it pedestrian only since traffic is already at a near stand still during peak hours.

Along this pavement paradise you can find dozens of bars, local restaurants, chain restaurants, T-shirts shops by the scores, ice cream parlors, coffee shops and many upon many specialty stores… but the #1 consumer of space along this stretch of adventure avenue is SOUVENIR SHOPS, SOUVENIR STORES & ALLEYWAY SOUVENIR VENDORS as seen above.

There’s a number of alleyways chalk full of vendors selling everything under the sun to milk that last dollar from unsuspecting tourists wanting to return home with a couple of give-a-way trinkets. This vendor Valhalla is no exception, though it is visually different and by far the best, it’s arranged with a very nice brick bordered fountain & garden down at its end instead of cramming in that last vendor push cart selling key chains as others do. This is open and spacious compared to the elbow room only cramped hallways that teams of other vendors use to peddle their wares.

You can find this outdoor alleyway shopping wonderland called “Duval Village” on the northern end of Duval Street across from the Wachovia building that is NOT a Wachovia Bank!

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