Castle Shaped School & Unique Bus

Although not an official tourist attraction, this school stands out from all others in the Keys. Not only is it shaped like an old castle that you would normally find in England, but it also has one of the most uniquely looking school buses that you’ll ever see.

The sign for the “Treasure Village Montessori Charter School” on the main road of US-1 is catchy enough for your eyes to notice as you quickly focus on the castle watch towers in the background. I pulled in to the parking lot for a couple of photos of the school and one of the sign and then hopped into the car and turned around and it was only then did I see the front of the school bus and jumped back out this photo you’re looking at now. This is a trifecta mi amigos, the sign, the school & the bus all in one place that can be done in a matter of 3 or 4 minutes in total that is well worth your time. This FREE welcome site is all for you to enjoy on your ride down to Key West and all you have to do is watch your car’s odometer.

You can find this Castle School on US-1 at Mile Marker 86.8 oceanside. OK, I’ll make it REAL EASY for you,  just look for the famous enormous Giant Lobster across the street! (True) 🙂


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