Danger Falling Coconuts

8676819935_dec66df1df_bI love this sign ‘DANGER FALLING COCONUTS’. There’s only one thing that could make this sign even funnier, that is if it were located in a parking lot… hmm, it is a parking lot! 🙂

I’ve been here twice and yet to see a car parked here. Forget about your car, this could do some serious damage to your head if nature intervenes and down comes a coconut upon your coconut… ouch! If your nickname is ‘Black Cloud Billy’ or ‘Bad Luck Bobby’ then I suggest that you photograph this from a distance! 🙂

In finding this oddly placed ‘Danger Falling Coconuts’ sign pull into the parking lot of Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen at Mile Marker 99.5 bayside where you’ll see it beside the restaurant.

IMG_0095 IMG_0091

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