Wooden Wonder Home

Incredible, this home is pure eye-candy and truly a sight to behold. This tiny home puts the AWE in awesome!

Yet another Key West wonder that remained hidden from us until we hopped on our bikes and traveled street-by-street uncovering sites that a regular tourist “WOOD” never see! 🙂 We ran across this at the tail-end of our daily ride cut short by an overcast sky releasing its liquid sunshine upon our sun beaten bodies. This my fellow readers is what they call “Curb Appeal” in the real estate market. Portions of the home I can pick out as ornamental indoor oak stair parts such as newel posts & balusters used for the fence along with turned porch posts as columns. The overall beauty of the home is enhanced by its dark rich stain used to portray a mahogany appearance. The multi-sided teared bird house in the front right corner of the yard also adds to its fairytale postcard image. Flanking both sides of the gate are ornately carved palm tree scenes that cap off a real hidden treat for your senses.

You can find the luscious wonderland of a home smack dab in the middle of a common run-of-the-mill residential portion of town in plain view for all who choose to turn down Harris Street and look around the corner. I only ask that you please admire from the street since this is someone’s personal home. (my lawyer made me say that) 🙂

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