Got Fish?

7169819226_3053e8443c_bGot Fish? This subdivision does! Here’s one for all you fishermen, fisherwomen, & fisherkids. (I hate having to be so politically correct these days) 🙂

No matter where I drive I’m constantly looking for new attractions while subconsciously aware of street names as I pass. Here’s five consecutive ones you can’t miss: Bonito Lane, Sailfish Lane, Tarpon Lane, Snapper Lane, Wahoo Lane, & Lois Lane… hmmm, that’s six… Oh sorry, Lois Lane is Superman’s reporter girlfriend from the Metropolis Daily Planet not a fish… my bad! 🙂

You can find these fishermen friendly street names at Mile Marker 23.0 by turning onto Spanish Main Drive oceanside beginning two streets down on your left.

7169824188_803d1492a4_b     7169820186_2125327700_b

7169821372_36a0b4156f_b     7169822134_f955e98d7b_b

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