Giant Ballroom Dancers

Key West is a very artsy fartsy town full of writers, painters, poets, sculptors, welders, impressionists & street performers of all kinds. Downtown plays host to a rather very large center for the Arts directly beside Mallory Square.

Welcome to Key West’s Giant Dancers! This oversized ballroom couple complete with tuxedo & draping gown stands in front of the Art Museum building instantly grabbing your attention drawing you nearer for your souvenir photo. As you can see in the photo to the left its humongous standing nothing less than 20 feet tall… I’ve used my favorite dancer standing beside it to show how really tall it is. This Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire look-a-like is part of a rotating artwork that is changed out about 2 to 3 times a year. I’ve seen a number of different GIANT sculptures over the years and have posted another one below showing what looks similar to the Greek God Neptune.

You can find this Dancing With The Stars wannabe couple (or whichever one is there at the time)just 2 blocks west of Key West’s famous Duval Street beside historic Mallory Square. The outdoor exhibition is FREE and does contain other smaller statues and works of art.

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