Key’s Historic Toll Booth

8591851758_1956556a8f_bIf you live in Florida you’re aware of the infamous toll booths that are now being phased out for an electronic method known as Sunpass.

A toll booth was erected in the Key’s to collect $1 for car and driver and 25 cents for each additional passenger. Given the incredible ocean views on both sides, each and every shiny quarter paid for tolls were considered “Silver Plated Memories”. Toll booths in those days were erected to pay for the construction and then removed once the roads and bridges were fully paid off (unlike todays lifetime tolls). The Toll Gate, as it was called, was removed in 1954. Notice the unpaved road, what a hoot! 🙂

It’s hard for us to fathom, the first car drove into Key West on January 25th 1928 via a ferry from here. It wasn’t until March 29th 1938 that a continuous road brought the first car to Key West without the use of a ferry!

You can find this FREE overlooked historical Toll Gate marker along with side roads named Toll Gate Boulevard, Toll Gate Lane, Toll Gate Shores Drive at Mile Marker 73.8 on US-1 bayside. The Toll Gate photo itself can be found inside the Island Grill at Mile Marker 88.5 oceanside.

img_2069     8608589106_451bfe5353_o

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