Islamorada Tourist Train

This is one of those sites that I’m sure will be moved or removed sometime in the near future. Hopefully it will be relocated to a new home where it can be adored rather than ignored as it is now.

This caboose is part of the old abandoned city of Islamorada Welcome Center that no one stops at. While stopping for this photo I walked around the overgrown neglected display and picnic area seen below. Even as is, this train itself is still a super photo for you and your children to stand in front of as a souvenir from the city of Islamorada. Approaching this mile marker, even though it’s on the main road, your eyes are drawn to the opposite side of the road and can pass right by it in a heartbeat.

You can find this caboose with no use on the right hand side of the road across from a strip mall at Mile Marker 82.5 bayside on US-1.


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2 responses to “Islamorada Tourist Train

  1. Very sad about the caboose and welcome center. I played a major role in helping them to get the caboose and gave a talk when it was first placed there. It is not, by the way, a Florida East Coast Railway caboose and might have come from the New York Central RR.

    • Seth, Great to hear from you again! I need your assistance, I’m trying to find a historic photo to use in an upcoming blog of the East Coast Railway crossing what I know as the Flagler Crossing in Key West over the waterway from Garrison Bight to the Gulf Of Mexico. Let me know if you have one I can use of the train tracks or a train crossing the tracks.

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