A Delicious Key Lime Float

Though not as famous as his cousin “Key Lime Pie”, this long-lost red-headed stepchild is none the less just as delicious as the other. Here in Key West you can find nearly everything ever made to eat with a twist of Key Lime added either in or on to it. Why there’s Key Lime licorice, pie, sodas, floats, daiquiri, cookies, taffy, ribs, burgers & flavor soaked fries to mention a few! I myself love ALL of them and can’t get enough of Key Lime anything!

Photographed here on the left is the famous Key Lime float made of 3 incredible large scoops of rich vanilla ice cream floating in a decadent pool of irresistible Key Lime carbonated soda complete with straw and long spoon. Yes, it’s as delicious as it looks… ok guys, eyes on the float in hand… the rest in the photo is mine all mine! 🙂

You can find this yummy treat several places around town but the most popular is at Mallory Square in front of the Sponge Market two blocks southwest of Duval Streets northwest end. Though the float costs $2 or $3… it’s totally FREE to hear the moans of others enjoying theirs! 🙂

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