Island School’s Sleeping Giant

Finds like this really make me smile and say WOW! Never once was I told, read, seen or heard about this from anyone before seeing it on my own. With increasing frequency I’m looking deeper past the obvious finding uniquely different sites that have remained hidden from me in plain sight for years over my hundreds of trips to Key West.

Cruising down US-1 I saw a tree out of the corner of my eye and just had to turn back around for a closer look. Wow, was I glad I did! Sitting about 50′ off the main road, you’ll have to pull over and park your car walking only a few feet for your souvenir photo. The tree trunk has grown at least 22′ along the ground before turning upward for some welcome sunshine. My beautiful better half says it looks like someone laying down feet first on the ground with their legs wide open and toes pointing upward… she’s right, it really does look like that…  A SLEEPING GIANT!

You can find this awesome example of nature’s splendor at Mile Marker 83.5 on US-1 in front of the Island Christian School. Definitely unique and worth a FREE visit to see such an incredible sight.


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