Oldest Southernmost Tavern In The USA!

IMG_3076Welcome to the Oldest Southernmost Tavern On The Mainland USA!

You might be asking yourself about now: “Hey, isn’t there an older bar in Key West?”, you’d be right there is. Notice the wording, it says ‘On The Mainland USA’… ok for us non-scholars, simply put it basically means not including islands as in the remainder of the Florida Keys! 🙂

You can find the Key’s OLDEST mainland tavern at 750 S. Krome Avenue, Florida City called Sam’s Hideaway. I’ll make it easy for you, it’s basically at the corner of US-1 & Krome Avenue at Mile Marker 126.7 about 1/8 mile north.


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  1. Karen Rennaux

    I am the artist who painted the front and the signs.good to see they’re still there! Great place to party! Great people!

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