Romancing The Sea… Valentine Valhalla!

Romancing The Sea

I’m in love, she indeed had me at ‘Hello’! My newly found ocean mistress siren-of-the-sea had tempted me one too many times… for I’m now hers!

Gentlemen, I’ve found ‘Valentine’s Valhalla’, the hallowed ground of ocean views for two! Here the verbally challenged romantic male can simply whoo his lovely lady with the splendor of the sea… no verbage required! 🙂 With the soothing sounds of waves crashing upon the shore, this ‘Pleasure Palace’ requires only a glass of bubbly to win a womans heart. I assure you, this ‘Lovers Longitude’ is suited for nothing less than a night to remember. In finding this ‘Oceanside Oasis’ my first instinct was to return here ASAP with the woman of my dreams to share these memories together forever etched in the annals of our minds. Thinking back on the scene alone I replay it time and time again painting a smile upon my face and tingle in my heart. I simply call this blog; ‘Romancing The Sea’… sounds like a Hollywood movie title! If I come back as a bench in my next life… I want to be placed here! 🙂

Despite the restaurant being called Marker 88, you can find this oceanside love affair closer to Mile Marker 87.9 on US-1 bayside . The view is FREE, what you do with it is up to you! So go for it guys, the payoffs are indeed worth it… TRUST ME on this one! 🙂

***All photos PROUDLY taken by me for your viewing pleasure!*** 🙂

Love Bench For Two Hearts

Need I Say More!

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