Big Foot Seen At Florida Keys Bar!

IMG_0525Do you believe in Big Foot? I do… I’ve seen him!

I assure you that there’s no need for a week-long stakeout in the woods at night with infrared goggles in hopes of catching a glimpse of this illusive beast. Believe it or not I can lead you right to him here in the Florida Keys at a local bar of all places! And yes, it’s 100% FREE to see him and get your souvenir photo for posterity if inclined!

PS – We don’t call it Big Foot down around these parts, their local name is Skunk Ape.

PSS – This may in deed be the last Big Foot in existence! How do I know that, just check out the sign below… it says so! 🙂

You can find Big Foot sneaking around the corner of the Last Chance Saloon on US-1 at Mile Marker 126.7 bayside which is right near the unofficial beginning to the Florida Keys.


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