Forrest Gump Shrimp Boat

IMG_1507 In years past there was in fact a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant in Key West based on the 1994 Tom Hanks smash hit movie Forrest Gump. It was complete with a park bench outside for photo-ops with Forrest and his famous box of chocolates that you can sit down beside for that treasured picture… which I did. So sad that it’s long gone, still remaining in the same area of town is a replica shrimp boat to the movie version that Forrest named ‘Jenny’. OK, so it’s not the real one, the real life-size movie boat is on display in Orlando… I’ve seen it! I had this guy stand beside the boat so that you can tell how big the model really is… thanks stranger dude! (it’s amazing what some people will do for a FREE coke) 🙂

You can find this oversized shrimp boat model similar to Forrest Gump’s ‘Jenny’ at Half Shell’s Eat It Raw restaurant. It’s located on Key West’s western side of town in an area called Harbor Walk. If you haven’t eaten here, put this high atop your seafood list, your taste buds & partner will thank you I’m sure!

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